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If you decided to earn a certificate at or just learn Scrum better, my quizzes should greatly help you:

When I decided to pass PSM I exam, I found no good free practice quizzes. The open assessments at are fine, but the number of available questions is too small. I decided to help all the Scrum learners by creating these free quizzes. You will learn the Scrum Guide by heart and get an idea of the real assessments.

There are two quiz modes:

  • Learning Mode – Each question has an immediate explanation. No time limit. All quiz questions are available. Pass it several times and you will be prepared well for the real assessment.
  • Real Mode – It is very similar to the real assessment. No correct answers and explanations. There are 80 randomly selected questions and 60 minutes. Try it and get the feeling of the real assessment!

All the quizzes based on the Scrum Guide v2017.

If you are looking for more questions or want to clarify some weird Scrum topic, take a look at Scrum Questions page.

Questions about the real exams and the quiz itself are answered at Quiz FAQ page.

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  1. Sharad

    Hi Mikhail,
    Will you help me explain little more about following statement.

    Product Backlog refinement usually consumes no more than 10% of the capacity of the Development Team.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. lalratnakar

      I guess it says 10% but if it need more time or more meetings it can be taken

      1. mlapshin (Post author)

        Thanks for answering this question. It looks like I missed it.

        I agree. Not more than 10% of total time spent on refinement is a good goal.
        However, some complex features may require more time.


  2. Sharad

    One of the question from PSM 1 learning mode :

    Who is allowed to participate in the Daily Scrum?

    The Scrum Master : YES (My answer)
    The Product Owner : YES (My answer)
    The Key Stakeholders
    The Development Team : YES (My answer)

    Explanation : The Daily Scrum is an internal meeting for the Development Team. If others are present, the Scrum Master ensures that they do not disrupt the meeting

    My question:
    If the question was who is REQUIRED to attend daily scrum then my answer would be only the DT. but this question here asks who is ALLOWED to attend DS – isn’t SM allowed to attend? Not so much sure about PO.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Sharad

      Hmm, i read some posts on forum. And I think the question is about Attending DS vs Participating DS. So PO and SM can attend DS but they are not allowed to participate (talk) unless required by DT.

      1. mlapshin (Post author)

        Hi Sharad,

        You are right. People outside of the Development Team can come and listen at the Daily Scrum, but cannot speak.
        I answered a similar question here:


    2. mariamiko

      Hey here is written “Participate” so only dev team can

    3. lalratnakar

      Why you think Scrum master is required for the Daily Scrum..??

  3. jvleminc

    Hey Mikhail,

    This message to thank you for these tests; they helped a lot in understanding Scrum better and in securing my “PSM I” certification in only one step (96.3%). 🙂

    I wrote a LinkedIn article about my certification experience, hope it might help other people:

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Joris,

      I am glad I helped you.
      The article will be very useful for anyone preparing to PSM I exam.


  4. mimibar

    Dear Mikhail,

    Thanks for setting up these quizzes.

    The question for “Please, select a time-box for each Scrum event” has wrong answers for Sprint Planning and Sprint Review. The should be in reverse as the Scrum Guide says:
    Scrum Review. This is at most a four-hour meeting for one-month Sprints.
    Sprint Planning. This is at most a three-hour meeting for one-month Sprints.

    Thanks again!

    1. mimibar

      Sprint Planning. -> Sprint *Retrospective

      1. mlapshin (Post author)

        Hi mimibar,

        Thanks for providing the feedback.

        Most likely, you faced this issue:
        This is the way how the quiz engine shows incorrect questions for “order it” questions.

        Best Regards,

  5. Sharad

    Hi Mikhail,
    I passed PSM I yesterday. And in my preparation your quizzes played a very important role. Thank you for all the hard work.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Sharad,

      I am glad I helped you!


  6. anilkumar

    Any open assessment link for PSM-II

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


      I think, some questions in my quiz can be considered as level 2 questions. However, I do not have a special PSM II quiz.
      I know this web site contains 8 sample questions for PSM II.


  7. Muthukumar

    Who should decide who will be the Scrum Master for a new Scrum Team?

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Of course the team should do this because in Scrum all teams are self-organizing.

  8. NIATI Abderaouf

    I would like to thank you for the perfect work , i just passed my PSM1 today with 93.8 % first attempt thanks to the quiz !! Thank you again !!
    NIATI Abderaouf

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Niati,

      I am happy I helped you with passing the exam.

      Scrum on!

  9. moberg

    Hi Mikhail,

    only wanted to let you know that I just passed my PSM1. The quizz on your website has largely contributed to this success and I wanted to say thank you very much.
    I will now target the Product Owner 1. Please keep up the good work 🙂

    Большо́е спаси́бо!

    best regards,

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Marc,

      Thanks for sharing your success.
      I am happy I helped you.


      Best Regards,

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