SwingSet3 Demo

I worked side by side with legendary Swing developers: Jeff Dinkins, Scott Violet, Igor Kushnirsky, Alexander Potochkin and many others and I am very proud of this.

Photo of Jeff Dinkins in SwingSet2

SwingSet2 – ComboBox Demo – Jeff Dinkins

I suppose, every person who started studying Java tried examples included into the JDK. Do you remember SwingSet2 application that demonstrated all Java graphical capabilities? I think, you do. Personally I learned Swing using this great app. And how could I stand aside when I was asked to create a demo for the new SwingSet3 application?

Each demo in SwingSet3 devoted to a specific UI control like sliced faces demo to JComboBox, etc. When I joined to the project only GridBagLayout and JSpinner were left. My friend quickly took the layout and said his favorite task is writing calculator programs. So, JSpinner became mine.

What interesting could I do with this not so popular control? Finally I decided to implement code drawing a Mandelbrot Set where JSpinner serves very well allowing to tune the palette easily and navigate through the set. I think my demo is one of the most impressive in the app. Also it uses several threads to maximally utilize CPU power for fractal calculations.


SwingSet3 - JSpinner Demo

SwinSet3 – JSpinner Demo by Mikhail LapshinThe original SVN repository of the project could be downloaded here.

If you like to try SwingSet3, please do the following:

  1. You should have Java installed
  2. Download SwingSet3.jnlp file and save it locally
  3. Click on SwingSet3.jnlp to start the application
  4. If security restrictions does not allow to run it
    1. Open control panel
    2. Find and open Java entry
    3. Navigate to Security tab
    4. In the Exception Site List add mlapshin.com using Edit Site List button
    5. Try to launch the application again
Java Security Settings

Java Security Settings