MDM stands for Master Data Management. Informatica Hub is a leading MDM solution. It was the primary reason why Informatica acquired Siperian Inc. where I was working. It consists of the core J2EE application exposing its services through several APIs (EJB, web services, etc.) and many different tools that provide UI for it like IDD and Administration console.

I was the lead J2EE expert in creation of a DB2 hub version that matches to the functionality of its Oracle version. I designed and implemented the database-independent data type layer and a command line tool allowing to convert Oracle stored procedures into DB2 ones.

The main technologies and products were Oracle, DB2, WebSphere Application Server, AIX OS, EJB, Swing, JMS, Apache Ant, InstallAnywhere.


IDD is Information Data Director. It is a highly configurable web application that offers UI to any data schema in the MDM Hub. The project is based on JSF (rich faces), Spring, Hibernate, EJB and AJAX technologies.

In this project I played one of the main roles in development of “Advanced Search” functionality. It was the most complicated feature in the next major release of the product. I designed and coded the IDD part of the feature. Also I participated in working out the design of the other part related to changes in the Hub.


Code base

  • Core hub ~2600 classes
  • IDD ~1400 classes
  • Hub Console ~850 classes