JDK Contribution

JMenu Demo

JMenu Demo

I was a member of the legendary Swing team and developed the core GUI java library.
I was responsible for a number of Swing components such as menus, internal frames, labels and combo boxes.

My biggest contribution to JDK is JMenu component improvements. I completely rewrote its drawing algorithm which fixed a bunch of old bugs. So, when you see a drop-down menu or a popup menu in a Java Swing application, know, it uses my algorithm to show icons, labels and hot keys.

ComboBox Demo

JComboBox Demo

Other component which I improved a lot is JComboBox. I fixed several tens of related bugs.

Smaller contributions were made to JLabel and JInternalFrame. Yep, I also thought what could be simpler than a label? However, I fixed a long-lasted irritating bug related to character bearings (left and right side label alignment for different symbols and fonts).

Java Evangelist Role

JavaOne LogoAt Sun Microsystems it was highly appreciated when an employee not only works hard, but actively helps to promote company products. It was interesting to me. I was very proud that I added my own small bit to the Java language. I still think Java is the best programming language and I strive to popularize it as much as possible.

So, you can find my name among participants of JavaOne 2007. My main responsibility was to stand at the Swing Booth and answer auditory questions.

Three years in a row I was a permanent member of Sun Tech Days – a smaller Java conference held by Sun Microsystems in Saint-Petersburg. My primary duty was exactly the same – answer questions about new Swing features and JDK.