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This page contains questions about the quizzes and the web site.

Are the quizzes up to date?
Q: When the quizzes were created? Are they fresh enough? Do they include the latest Scrum Guide changes?

Mikhail: Yes, the quizzes are based on the latest Scrum Guide version. I created them in 2015, but I am tracking all the Scrum Guide changes and update the quizzes appropriately. You can find information about the corresponding Scrum Guide version in the beginning of every quiz description.
Quizzes are based on particular Scrum Guide version

Confusing Order It questions
Q: Sometimes people report that the quiz marks a correctly answered “Order It” question as incorrect like at the picture below:
"Order It" question

Mikhail: This is a quiz engine feature. When you press “Check” button for an “Order It” question, it always sets the answers in the correct order and marks in red the answers that were at wrong places.
So, the following happened before the situation shown at the screen shot. The user placed Sprint Retrospective as #3, Sprint Review as #4 and pressed “Check” button. The quiz engine swapped the two last answers and marked them in red.

What do I need for PSM II?
Q: Mikhail, the PSM quiz prepared by you was indeed very helpful and several practices helped me to sail smoothly on the final day and score 96 %. I am planning for PSM II, hence looking forward to your guidance on this.

Mikhail: What about PSM II, the certifications at Scrum.org are changing. The new PSM III is the former PSM II (essay questions + multiple choice) and the new PSM II is the former PSP (only multiple choice questions).

So, now PSM II is simpler than it was before. No more essay questions. The number of questions is just 30, but the questions are tough (think about the hardest questions in PSM I).
PSM II covers wider subject areas: additional questions from PSPO subject area and from Nexus.

Q: What is the best Scrum certification? Is it PSM I by Scrum.org or CSM by ScrumAlliance?

Mikhail: As far as I know, the both certifications are equally recognized. However, there are some important differences:

  1. To get certified with ScrumAlliance it is mandatory to take their course (and pay for it). For PSM I certification no courses required, but you can take their course if you want.
  2. PSM I exam is harder to pass (but it is still completely manageable). PSM has 80 questions and 85% passing score whereas CSM has only 35 questions and 69% passing score.

So, there are two points to consider when you are choosing between PSM and CSM:

  1. Do you need a Scrum training? If yes, there is no much difference between the certifications. Look at the available trainings: location, time, reviews, opinions about specific trainer and choose the one that suits you best.
  2. Do you have extra money for the training (about $1000)? If not, your choice is PSM certification.
How much time to take PSM after payment?
Q: Does anyone know how much time you have to take the exam once you pay for it?

Mikhail: At the PSM I page you can find that: “Passwords have no expiration date, but are valid for one attempt only.”
So, when you pay for the exam, the next day you have a password to start the exam. The password has no expiration date.

Where are the hard questions?
Q: I just passed PSM I and must add there were several questions that I have never encountered before, neither in your quiz nor in the open exams. Why does not your quiz contain them?

Mikhail: I created my quiz reading the Scrum Guide and composing questions about every paragraph. So, it is pretty straightforward. It helps to study the Scrum Guide well.

However, my quiz asks nothing about applying Scrum in the real life. Questions about it I name as “second level” questions. They have no direct answer in the Guide, however if you think about it, you should be able to deduce the answer.

Fortunately, the real PSM I exam contains just a few of them. Such questions are the base for the next level PSM certifications. So, I ask people to score about 100% in the open assessments to pass the exam even if the harder questions are answered wrong.

I believe it is possible to create more “second level questions” than direct questions about the Scrum Guide. So, I cannot invent all of them and include into the quiz. However, adding 4-5 “second level” questions into the quiz looks as a good idea.


  1. Romil Gandhi

    Hi Mikhail,

    I was planning for PSD, can you give me some idea regarding books I need to refer?

    Also provide me some links you know.

    Romil Gandhi.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Romil,

      You can find a good list of books here: Suggested Reading for PSD™

      As far as I understand, PSD exam shares a big portion of questions with PSM and PSPO exams. So, you can use any links and resources related to them (for example, my quizzes).


      1. Romil Gandhi

        Sorry for late reply.

        Thank a lot. I will give it a try.

        Also I need some support for “Scaled Professional Scrum Certification ”

        I already finished NEXUS guide. But not feeling confidence as there is no mock tests. And I think only guide is not enough to clear the exam.

        Can you please tell me what should I do?

        1. mlapshin (Post author)

          Hi Romil,

          Because the Nexus Guide is based on the Scrum Guide, I recommend you to study all the available PSM materials first.
          So, master all the available open exams at Scrum.org. Then do the same with my PSM and Scaled Scrum quizzes.

          Best Regards,

  2. GLee

    Howdy Mikhail,
    Could you please clarify on the following?
    Can someone be assigned as a PO and SM on the same Scrum Team?

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi, thanks for the question.

      Scrum does not prohibit a Product Owner to be a Scrum Master too. However, it is hard to share responsibilities of the both roles. Probably, it is doable when the Product is rather small. When there are more features, developers and teams it will be harder and harder to combine the both roles by a single person.

      I found a good article on the Internet about this topic.


  3. GLee

    Many thanks for the clarification and for sharing the article!!


  4. asgsitting

    I think one of the PSPO answer is not calculated right, I have sent ML an email hopefully it will be corrected.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


      Thanks for the feedback.
      It was one of the “order it” questions: https://mlapshin.com/index.php/blog/quiz-faq/#orderIt

      It looks like the real quiz does not contain this type of questions. Probably, I need to re-work them into “multiple options” questions to avoid the confusion.

      Best Regards,

  5. Jigs

    Hi Mikhail,

    I am preparing for PSM I:

    1. Do I need to practise all Open Assessments on scrum.org?
    Or Do I need to only do Scrum Open, Nexus Open and Product Owner Open assessments??


    2. Do I need also need to practise the Product Owner and Scaled Scrum quizzes that you have prepared? I am already scoring 100% on your Scrum Master quiz.

    Thank you so much my friend!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      I have a simple answer, I would try all possible quizzes, especially those, available at scrum.org.
      You could discover, for example, you do not completely understand the PO role or what kind of issues arise when several teams work on the same product.

  6. Nayara Gomes

    Hi Mikhail, many thanks!

    I’ve just passed the PSM-I exam first time (96.3) using only freely available resources and the quizzes, FAQs and comments from here and also from (scrum.org). 
    Both sources played a decisive role in clarifying some Scrum topics to me and, thus, achieving the certification.
    As I’m not a native english speaker, it was important for me to pratice and take a complete assessment test in english,
    which I got for free here. 
    Some questions were just identical to those I’ve came across here and there. 
    One advice for those who haven’t taken the exam yet: after answering all the questions,
    review all of them carefully (time is enough for that!): I did that and found 3 simple questions that I answered incorrect for the 1st time, as I was a little bit nervous..
    Thanks again and for sure I’ll be making a donation!!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Nayara,

      Congrats with passing the exam!
      Thanks for sharing your experience and for the donation.


    2. sanket0685

      Hi Nayara,

      I am preparing for PSM-I exam and planning to give it probably in next week or so. Could you help me with the below questionnaire:

      1. what percentage of questions were coming from the quiz
      2. what is the complexity of questions which were totally new ( please explore one or more scenarios for better understanding )
      3. how much time you get for reviewing after filling all of them once in a while ( 1st time )
      4. what things should i keep in mind on the exam day ( like any specific topic to be highlighted with much more weight than others comparatively )
      5. any other reference, you should recommend for while preparing for the same ( e-book or other set of quizzes somewhere )

      Please help me in this regard.

      Thanks for your comment, boosting me up little to move further confidently.

      Con-grates for your certification by the way !!!

      1. mlapshin (Post author)

        Hi sanket0685,

        You can find my tips for the exam here: https://mlapshin.com/index.php/2015/09/08/psm-exam/

        I would add from my side I am not affiliated with Scrum.org. So, my quiz does not contain any questions from the real exam. However, we use the Scrum Guide as the common base for the questions. It makes them similar.


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