PSM I Quiz

If you decided to become a professional Scrum Master and earn PSM I grade after passing the PSM I Assessment, this quiz will greatly help you. It contains 80 questions I created myself. However, they are pretty similar to the real ones.

Please, use the quiz for free. I hope, you will find it useful. If you think some questions could be improved, let me know. Just post a comment!

There are two quiz modes:

  • Learning Mode  Each question here has an explanation. No time limit. Pass it several times and you will be prepared well for the real assessment.
  • Real Mode It is very similar to the real assessment. No correct answers and explanations. There are 80 questions and 60 minutes. Try and get the feeling of the real assessment!

A special Nexus™ quiz based on the Nexus™ Guide will help you to prepare for questions on scaled Scrum that are included into any assessment.

You can find other helpful information how to prepare for the PSM I Assessment in my recent blog post: How to become a certified Scrum Master.


  1. chokshikhushboo

    Hello This info is really helpful. I am planning to take PSM1 certification soon…. I am confuse …which open assessment to practice for PSM1. There are 4 different assessment on 1) Scrum open 2) nexus open 3)product owner open and 3) developer open.
    Some people advise to take all 4 but as per my knowledge in test it will come from The Scrum Guide but i don’t see any content related to nexus or developer open in scrum Guide then why we need to do that and in test really they ask out of scrum guide??

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      The real PSM I exam contains some questions from the adjacent areas. So, expect several questions about Product Owner responsibilities, scaling Scrum, etc. So, it is reasonable to become proficient in every open assessment.

  2. chokshikhushboo

    Thank you for prompt response.

  3. aditi

    Hi Mikhail, the test simulation is very helpful. I’m planning to take my test sometime over the coming weekend. Will practice through all the open assessments per your suggestions (including the post above). Thanks!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Good luck!

  4. jatin.accy

    Hi Mikhail, I am going to write PSPO 1 certification and for that i am reading scrum guide plus the i am undergoing PSM learning mode quiz. Could you please tell me if reading scrum org PDF file and giving PSM quiz is enough for preparing PSPO level 1 certification?

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Jatin,

      Thanks for using my quiz. Unfortunately, the Scrum Guide contains only the most important Product Owner responsibilities. It does not give much details. However, PSPO I will ask you for this additional information.

      Luckily this extra amount of information is not big. I would recommend reading:
      The New New Product Owner article:
      Evidence-Based Management Guide brochure:

      It should be enough to answer all the additional PSPO exam questions.

      1. diecorp

        Thanks a lot

        1. mlapshin (Post author)

          You are welcome!


    Hi Mikhail,

    I have passed PSM I exam with 91.3 % in my first trial and many thanks to you for that. Your Learning Mode quiz helped me a lot.


  6. mlapshin (Post author)

    Hi Dharam,

    Congratulations! I am glad that my quiz helped you to become a Scrum Master.


  7. Sam

    Hello Mikhail,

    I passes the PSM I in the first attempt and want to thank you for the excellent learning mode and real mode tests you have available here. I found the tests really useful in preparing for the test. Once again many thanks for this excellent resource.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Sam,

      You are very welcome!

  8. surender.sweety

    Hello Mikhail,

    I am really grateful to you, after completed so many learning mode exam and real exam, to got confidence for attempting the real exam.

    whenever i am attempting any type of exam ( Real Mode and Learning mode), getting more than 85%.

    Please advice me can i go fro PSM1 Exam or when can i appear

    Surender Jain

  9. mlapshin (Post author)

    Hi Surender,

    85% in my quiz is not enough. You tried it several times and know the questions. The real exam will contain some unknown ones. Probably a few of them you won’t be able to answer correctly. It will give a score below 85% and the exam will be failed.
    So, try to get a higher score in my quiz and do the same for the open assessments at


  10. surender.sweety

    Hello Mikhail,

    Thanks for your respond. Please look at below query and advice me accordingly…

    1. Now I am getting 98% from every quiz ( Real Mode, Learning Mode, Scrum open Assessment). Let me know whether can i appear now for real exam. If not, then till how much % i need to get consistently for appearing the Exam.

    2. Please let me know whether following only Scrum Guide is enough to crack the PSM 1 Exam. if not, please help me to get other sources.

    3. I am little bit confused about Scrum Team and Development team. As per Scrum, Scrum team is consist of Product owner, Scrum Master and Development Team. Please help em to clear what is job of Scrum Team and Development team i..e. crafting the Goal for Sprint, who will Design DOD

    your advice only help me to get the Certification

    Surender Jain

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Surender,

      1. It looks like you are well prepared now.

      2. It is enough. I would recommend two things:
      * My quiz does not contain questions about Scrum Values. This paragraph appeared recently in the Scrum Guide. Fortunately, it is very small. Probably I will add a couple of questions on it later.
      * Read more about Product Owner responsibilities like this one:

      3. It is easy enough. The Development Team creates the increment. It is self-organizing and cross-functional to do the work in the best way. Also it defines an appropriate DoD for it.
      You are rigth, the Scrum Team is PO + SM + DT. In the questions the Scrum Team is mostly mentioned regarding the Scrum Events. The whole ST participates in all Scrum Events except the Daily Scrum.


  11. Hsnsdekoster

    Hi Mikhai,
    Thank you for your wonderfull quiz. You and the comments of the others helped me very much in passing my exam today.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Hsnsdekoster,

      I am glad you passed the exam.
      The goal of my quiz is exactly this!

  12. Ellie

    Dear Mikhail,

    I am currently preparing for the PSPO assessment and I have a doubt about a statement I read in the Scrum Guide. The statement reads as follows:

    “By the end of the Sprint Planning, the Development Team should be able to explain to the
    Product Owner and Scrum Master how it intends to work as a self-organizing team to
    accomplish the Sprint Goal and create the anticipated Increment.”

    I have two questions/doubts regarding the above statement:

    1.This is very broad and I would like to know what it implies.
    2. Is it likely that there are questions regarding the means that the Development team uses to achieve self-organization or to the level of detail they should provide to the Product Owner during the Sprint planning?

    Many thanks!


  13. mlapshin (Post author)

    Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for using my quiz and for the questions.

    During the Sprint Planning meeting the Development Team answers two questions:
    * What can be done this Sprint?
    * How will the chosen work get done?
    At first, the DT selects several items to implement from the Product Backlog. Then the team creates a plan how they will implement the selected items. The plan should be detailed enough for the first several days of the Sprint.

    So, “able to explain” means the DT has a plan how to implements the selected items. It includes the means that the DT will use to achieve this.

    I hope it answers your questions.

  14. gulatineeraj

    Hi Mikhail

    Thanks for such a useful resource. This quiz gave me the confidence to attempt the PSM I assessment. I secured 92.5%.

    Many Thanks


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Neeraj,

      I am glad my quiz helped you.
      Thanks for using it,


  15. Ola

    Hi Mikhail,

    Your quiz helped me passed PSM I with 95.0%.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Ola,

      Thanks for using my quiz. I am glad it helped you.


  16. viczamh

    Hi Mikhail!

    I just wanted to thank you for creating the PSM I Quiz. It was really helpful! I passed my test yesterday on the first attempt.

    Thank you very much once again!

    Regards from Mexico!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      You are very welcome!

  17. Girish Thakur

    Hello Mikhail,

    I want to say Thank You very much. I started reading about Scrum in the last week. I practiced your quiz at least 3 times. Today I sat for the PSM I Assessment, I am very happy to share this good news with you. I am now a Professional Scrum Master. I owe it to you. You are awesome 🙂

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Girish,

      I am glad my quiz helped you.
      Thanks for the good words!

  18. fernando24

    Hi Mikhail,

    Thank yo very much for your awesome quiz! I used it when preparing for taking the PSM 1 exam and want to share with you that I got a PASS! 🙂

    Thanks again and my regards to you!!.

  19. mlapshin (Post author)

    Hi Fernando,

    I am glad that it helps. Congrats!

  20. Frank Knoche

    Hi Mikhail,

    thank you very much for providing these quizzes. Today I passed PSM I with 91% in the first attempt. Without your quizzes it would have been much more difficult.

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind regards,


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Frank,

      Thank you for using my quiz and finding it useful.

      Have a great day!

  21. anil.sachdeva

    Dear Mr. Mikhail

    This is an excellent quiz. I used this quiz to prepare for my PSM1 exam and I passed with 96.3% in first attempt without having any Scrum or Agile experience in my real life.

    Thank you very much. One thing, I like about you is you always reply to everyone. Thank you very much once again for putting this quiz for free.

    Best Regards

  22. mlapshin (Post author)

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for the good words. I am glad that my quiz helps people to become a little better.
    I hope you will apply your new knowledge in the real life!


  23. dthongly

    Hi Mikhail,
    Great work putting this together! I’ve reviewed the Scrum Guide, live Scrum, and took your quizzes a number of times to ensure I pass on the first try. Fortunately, I was able to easily pass the exam on my first try with a 97.5% – thanks for providing such a useful tool!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi David,

      I am glad my quiz helped you!

  24. sekaran

    Hi Michael,

    This is Sekaran from India,
    I have cleared the PSM1 today with all the help from your quiz.
    I am indebted to you for creating such a wonderful quiz, which helped me to get through the actual PSM 1 certification.
    I got 90%..
    Thanks to you for making me a professional scrum master…

    PSPO / PSM 2 / SAFE…Advice me which one should i take on next.

    Have a wonderful day Mike..


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Sekaran,

      I am glad I helped you to pass the exam.

      What will be the next exam is completely depends on you. You should decide what is the best for your career, how will you apply your new knowledge.
      For example, if you want to become a Product Owner some day, you need to learn more about this role and probably earn PSPO certification.


  25. sekaran

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    And for the piece of advice……


  26. Jobin

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the quiz. I took the scrum open assessment several times with 100% score and before trying out the actual exam, I tried out your quiz. Damn… I realized that I have to spend more time with official scrum guide. Your quiz provides a better overview of the exam than the scrum official open exam. I cleared the exam with 91% score. Thanks again…


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Jobin,

      Thanks for using my quiz. I am glad I helped you.


  27. Astrid

    Hi Mikhail,
    I am Astrid from the Netherlands and i want to thank you for your PSM1 quiz.
    It helped me alot preparing for my exam which i just passed a few minutes ago, with a 93% score, thanks to your quiz.

    Best regards, Astrid

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Astrid,

      I am glad I helped you.


    2. sanjaykumarc

      Hi Astrid,

      I am planning to take PSM certification did you got any question from PSM1 quiz?

      Thanks in advance

      1. mlapshin (Post author)

        Hi Astrid,

        I created my quiz with the purpose to be very similar to the PSM I exam. I believe all the questions in the quiz or very similar ones can appear in the real exam.
        However, the real exam has a wider question base. Another difference is that my quiz is completely based on the Scrum Guide whereas the real PSM I exam contains small amount of questions from other areas like Scaled Scrum, etc.


  28. Neeraja

    Hi Mikhail,

    I cleared my exam today with 94%. Thanks a ton!!!

    The test simulation was very helpful.


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Neeraja,

      Thanks for sharing your success!

  29. IBMDiouf

    Hi Mikhail,
    thanks for yours helpful quiz, just passed this day the PSM 1 with 96% (77/80)

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


  30. Rahul

    Hi Mikhail,

    I have read the Scrum Guide & able to score 100% in Open Scrum exam in Scrum.Org website as well as 100% score in Real mode of mlapshin website.
    Can I now opt for the PSM 1 exam now ? or I also need to study Nexus Guide (i.e Scaled scrum) before going for real PSM 1 exam?

    Rahul J

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for using my quiz.
      I think you are prepared well. Most likely you will pass PSM I. There is no need to study the Nexus Guide to the same level as the Scrum Guide. You just need to read it at least once. Just to know answers to the basic questions. For example, how many Product Owners are in scaled Scrum or how to divide into teams a hundred of people.


  31. jai_choukse

    Hi Mikhail,
    Your practice test helped a lot. I cleared my exam in 1st attempt with 91%. keep up the good work.


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Jai,

      Thanks for using my quiz and sharing your success!


  32. Gerard Kirwan

    Extremely helpful information! I followed the instructions and passed my PSM I exam earlier today. Thank you!!!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Gerard,

      Thanks for using my quiz and sharing your success!


  33. ZScrum

    Hi Mikhail,

    Could you please tell me where I can find quiz correct answers?

    I’ve passed your quiz and failed it, now I want to understand why?

    If it’s possible to provide correct answers or just tell me where I can find it, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


      Please, use the learning mode to check your answers.
      The quiz engine does not allow to get the list of wrong answers in the real mode.


      1. ZScrum

        Thanks a lot Mikhail!

  34. Jasmin

    Passed the PSMI with 96%(77 out of 80). Thanks for the Test and learning mode exams, it helped me a lot to prepare. Understanding the SCRUM guide is a must and also attempt all the open exams on the SCRUM site before taking the test.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Jasmin,

      Thanks for using my quiz and sharing your success.


  35. Shipra Mamgain

    Hi Mikhail,

    I qualified PSM1 today with 96.3% (77/80).
    I read your article on how to crack the exam and found your quiz extremely useful.

    Thank you for creating such an extensive collection to help people out.

    For others preparing for this exam, here’s what I did:
    1. Read the scrum guide at least 10 times. Pause and think about each sentence. Digest the information
    2. When you read it, also speak out, as if you are explaining it to someone.
    3. Pass all the open assessments and the quiz here multiple times.
    4. Go for it!

    Once again, thanks Mikhail!


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Shipra,

      Thanks for using my quiz and sharing your tips!


  36. AS

    Hi Mikhail,
    The PSM quiz prepared by you was indeed very helpful and several practices helped me to sail smoothly on the final day and score 96 %.

    I am planning for PSM II , hence looking forward to your guidance on this.



    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Adrita,

      I am glad that my quiz helped you to pass PSM I exam.

      What about PSM II, the certifications at are changing. The new PSM III is the former PSM II (essay questions + multiple choice) and the new PSM II is the former PSP (only multiple choice questions).

      So, now PSM II is simpler than it was before. No more essay questions. The number of questions is just 30, but the questions are tough (think about the hardest questions in PSM I).
      PSM II covers wider subject areas: additional questions from PSPO subject area and from Nexus.

      Now I am working on a PSPO I quiz. When it is ready, probably I will try create a mock test for PSM II.

      Best regards,

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