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If you decided to earn a certificate at or just learn Scrum better, my quizzes should greatly help you:

When I decided to pass PSM I exam, I found no good free practice quizzes. The open assessments at are fine, but the number of available questions is too small. I decided to help all the Scrum learners by creating these free quizzes. You will learn the Scrum Guide by heart and get an idea of the real assessments.

There are two quiz modes:

  • Learning Mode – Each question has an immediate explanation. No time limit. All quiz questions are available. Pass it several times and you will be prepared well for the real assessment.
  • Real Mode – It is very similar to the real assessment. No correct answers and explanations. There are 80 randomly selected questions and 60 minutes. Try it and get the feeling of the real assessment!

All the quizzes based on the Scrum Guide v2017.

If you are looking for more questions or want to clarify some weird Scrum topic, take a look at Scrum Questions page.

Questions about the real exams and the quiz itself are answered at Quiz FAQ page.

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  1. mustufattu

    I took the exam today and got 80%. Very disappointed as i had been studying for the exam for a month. I was acing all the scrum accessment and also Mikhail’s test questions, but i feel like the questions were VERY tricky. I had even gone through the scrum guide atleast 10-15 times in the past month. Not sure where did i go wrong. Any assistance or further direction would be appreciated.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


      I am sorry to hear it. Below is what you can do:
      * Do not rush. I know a guy who failed the exam 3 times in 2 days.
      * Try to remember the questions and areas which were the most difficult for you. Write them down and take special care about them.
      * Try to get constantly ~100% in all the available open assessments and in my quizzes
      * If you have some tricky questions and do not know the answers, post them here and I will help


  2. dinesh.g
    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Good catch Dinesh. OK, I won’t restrict access to the page.

  3. bharaths

    Hi Mikhail,
    when i try the PSM1 & PSPO 1real mode – start quiz, the questions doesnt load up at all.
    Only the learning mode works. Can you pl help me to fix this.
    Thanks for your help
    Bharath S

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Bharath,

      Try to clean cache of your browser or try another browser.
      Let me know if it helps.


  4. Margot

    Hi Mikhail,

    Thanks for the quizzes! As everyone else has already mentioned they are very beneficial. I passed first time with 95%. A few tricky questions but if you do the quizzes a lot of the questions are very similar, maybe worded slightly differently. Finished it in 35 minutes but took the rest of the time to review my answers. An hour is more than enough if you have studied. I took all of your quizzes (several times) to prepare and read the Scrum and Nexus guides as well as doing all of the open assessments several times. I was happy to donate to support your efforts!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Margot,

      Thanks for using my quizzes, sharing your success and the donation!


  5. Jan

    As for so many others, I found the Scrum quizzes to be extremely helpful in passing the exam. The explanations are a great learning tool and the simulated exam is a good way of getting in the right frame of mind to sit the actual exam. I also agree that if you prepare properly, an hour is more than enough. Thank you so much Mikhail for the work that you have put in to help everyone. I encourage anyone who has used your quizzes to donate so you can keep it going..

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Jan,

      I am glad I helped you. Thanks for using my quizzes and your words.


  6. elynaidacarreon


    I am getting 96.25 and 100% for the last 5 open assessment I did, is this fine for me to take PSM 1? Or should I continue reading before I take the exam?

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


      Constantly having less than 100% means there are questions that you do not understand completely. Try to identify them and find the right answer. Without this you could have troubles in the real assessment.


  7. DineshCL

    I m planning to give psm 1 only. Should i give both psm and pspo quizzes or only psm should do? Please let me know

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


      You should use all the available quizzes to prepare and constantly score >95% in every quiz.

  8. DineshCL

    Category: Scrum Theory
    Scrum recommends using only those Scrum components and rules which suit most for a particular project

    Its a true or false question. Answer is False

    Below is the explanation
    Each component within the Scrum framework serves a specific purpose and is essential to Scrum’s success and usage.

    Should n’t be the answer is TRUE?

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      The question asks if it is possible to use only some part of Scrum. The answer is False because each part of Scrum is important. For example, it won’t be Scrum if you do not do Daily Scrum meetings.

  9. D-M

    Hello..I am planning to take my PSM1 exam and would like to know whether knowing the scrum guide, scrum open assessment and your real mode quiz scoring 95% is enough to pass the exam. Or should i also take the nexus guide, scaled scrum and product developer assessments..Thank you

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


      I would recommend you to take all the available open assessments, because they share questions with the real PSM I exam. It also will help you to understand the Scrum Guide better. The same is with my quizzes. For sure, you need to try my PSPO quiz.
      Probably, Nexus guide and Nexus quizzes are something extra that will be useful only if you are planning to take SPS exam or use Scrum at scale.


  10. allabas

    Hi. I passed PSM I, your tests helped me a lot, Thank you! Now I’m studying for PSM II, do you have test sample for it as well? Thanks again.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)


      Unfortunately I still have no a PSM II quiz. It is much harder to create because usually there is no a direct answer in the Scrum guide for a “Level 2” question. It means similar questions require some interpretation of the Guide. An interpretation is always personal. So, my interpretation could be a bit different than in the real exam.

      PSM II contains just 30 questions, but they are tough (think about the hardest questions in PSM I).
      PSM II covers wider subject areas: additional questions from PSPO subject area and from Nexus.

      By the way you can find a couple of “Level 2” questions here:

      Best regards,

      1. allabas

        Thank you for prompt response.

  11. Gerard Boot


    Thank you very much for your quizzes and blog! Thanks to that, the Scrum Guide and some other resources I managed to pass PSM1 today with a perfect (80/80) score and I am really happy about it 🙂

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Gerard,

      Very impressive 100% result!
      I am glad I helped you.


  12. kudamudzi

    Hie May you please help me answer:

    At the fifth Sprint Review, the stakeholders seem disappointed and angry. When asked about it, they say the product or system as being built will not meet their needs and will cost more than they anticipated spending, What led to this?
    A) The stakeholders haven’t been using the Sprint Reviews to actively engage , and inspect and evaluate progress
    B) Changes to the project plan were not adequately documented and shared. The change request procedure was not diligently followed
    C) The PMO and its project managers have not been engaged adequately causing the project plan to become inaccurate
    D) The Product Owner has not been interacting frequently with stakeholders keeping them aware of the progress.
    E) The stakeholders were not allowed to attend daily scrum
    F) The scrum master has not ensured transparency

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Kudamudzi,

      Thanks for the interesting question!

      Let’s go through all the options:
      A) Looks good except that the PO is responsible for Key Stakeholder engagement. Probably there are better answers.
      B) Wrong because Scrum does not have a “change request procedure”.
      C) Wrong. Scrum does not have a Project Manager role.
      D) The best option.
      E) Wrong. Stakeholders have nothing to do at Daily Scrums.
      F) Wrong. The whole Scrum Team is responsible for transparency. The question asks about Key Stakeholder involvement.

      Best regards,

      1. themba

        This question had Select 3 best answers. It looks like you have A and D. What would be the third one? I lean on Transparency. As much as it is a team effort, Scrum Master is there to ensure team does that

  13. kudamudzi

    2. Creating a forecast for a sprint tends to run smoothly when the Product Backlog items that are discussed are well understood and actionable. Which approach would you recommend to ensure this state of Product Backlog at Sprint Planning?

    A) The Development Team uses some time in each Sprint to analyse , estimate and design high ordered Product Backlog items.
    B) A separate Scrum Team of business analysts and functional testers analyse high-ordered requirements one sprint ahead of development.
    C) The Product Owner works with the stakeholders to prepare Product Backlog items outside of the sprint so the development team will not be disrupted.
    D) The analysts on the Development Team document high ordered Product Backlog items during a Sprint when they are not busy working on the forecast.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Kudamudzi,

      Thanks for the another interesting question.
      A) Correct. The name of this activity is Product Backlog Refinement. However, why the PO is not mentioned here? The Scrum Guide says “Product Backlog refinement is the act of adding detail, estimates, and order to items in the Product Backlog. This is an ongoing process in which the Product Owner and the Development Team collaborate on the details of Product Backlog items.”
      B) Wrong. Scrum does not have separate teams for business analysts.
      C) This is a good option, but it won’t get enough clarity at the Sprint Planning. When the PO is ready with a new PB item, the PO should discuss it with the DT to make sure it is understood well before taking it into the next Sprint.
      D) Wrong. Scrum recognizes only Developer role in the Development Team.

      It looks like the correct answer is A. However, if it were my question, I would mention the PO in this option.

      Best regards,

  14. Florence


    I took PSM I certification and unfortunately I did not pass.

    I will try again soon but I want to know what I did wrong
    Here is what I did:

    1. I read and learned by heart the SCRUM guide.
    2. I took all the tests from several times and I passed them with 100%. I only took those for SCRUM Open, do you think for the next time I should also take those for Nexus Open, Product Owner Open, and Developer Open?
    3. I took all the tests from learning mode + real mode and I passed them with 100%. I only took the first section, Professional Scrum. Do you think for the next time I should also take those for Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) and Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS aka Nexus™).

    Can you please recommend a good book and some articles?

    Thank you!

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Florence,

      I am sorry you failed the exam. I hope next time you will do better!

      1. I read and learned by heart the SCRUM guide.
      Mikhail: Sounds great. This is the main part of the preparation.

      2. I only took SCRUM Open tests.
      Mikhail: Definitely, you need to try and consistently pass all the open assessments. During this process you will have to answer many questions which correlate to each other. It will help you get good understanding of Scrum rules and values.

      3. I only took PSM quiz at your site.
      Mikhail: The same here. Trying different quizzes will help you identify gaps in your knowledge.

      4. Can you please recommend a good book and some articles?
      Mikhail: Have you looked at the recommended reading section here: Suggested Reading for Professional Scrum Master?


    2. olujoye

      Hi Florence,

      Mikhail’s practice questions are very useful, but you need to look for more questions to build the confidence.

      I’ll suggest Mplaza (Management Plaza). They also have more than enough simulation questions. There is this other website that I discovered before I took the PSPO I exam, it is called You’ll get enough practice questions there as well.

      If you continue to score high while practicing, you will pass with your eyes closed. Make sure you score 100% in Mikhail’s questions all the time.


      Ol’ joye

  15. michigalli

    Thank you for your quizzes, they helped alot.
    I just passed PSM I with 71 of 80 correct answers, that was close.
    Although I must say, the test was very hard.
    To all:
    If you do not really understand scrum, you will fail.
    There is no quick way to get PSM I.
    Open assessment and quizzes is not enough.
    I also took 2 courses at udemy.
    Still, after 4 weeks of learning, I hardly passed.

    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi michigalli,

      I am glad I helped you.
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Do you remember the topic of the most tricky question?


  16. olujoye

    Hi Mikhail,

    Thank you for your quizzes Mikhail. They are very helpful.

    I passed my PSM I (90%) and PSPO I (93%) within 1 month interval (First time).

    For the PSM I, I used:

    The Scrum Guide, PSM I open assessment,
    Mikhail’s PSM I quizzes and
    Mplaza simulation exams (You pay to use this).

    For PSPO I, I used:

    The Scrum Guide,
    Scrum Crazy: The New new Product Owner,
    Evidence-Based Management,
    Mikhail’s PSPO I quizzes, PSPO I open assessment
    Mplaza simulation exams and practice questions (You have to pay to use these quizzes)

    The real exams are kind of trickier than the practice assessments though, but reading the real exam questions more than once helps.



  17. Steve

    Hello Mikhail,

    I am still not sure whether I am ready to pass PSM I or not.

    I pass the Open Assessment from for Scrum Open, Product Owner Open and Nexus Open several times with 100% every time in under three minutes. However I still struggle with Developer Open (pass it every time with 70-80% – can’t really answer technical questions like “What does a test written with Test Driven Development represent?” or “What are attributes of a bad bug report?”

    I took all test from your Scrum Quiz many times (real mode for Scrum Master and Product Owner and Learning Mode for Nexus) and always pass them with 100%.

    I read the Scrum guide several times along with other books about scrum and watched the scrum training series from

    Of course, there is always something to learn and one is never perfect. Anyway I wonder if I am skilled enough to pass the PSM I. What do you reckon? I would be glad if you could share your thoughts with me.


    1. mlapshin (Post author)

      Hi Steve,

      I feel you are prepared very well. PSM exam definitely does not include development related questions from the Developer Open quiz.


  18. Abhishek04

    Hi Mikhail,
    The PSM quiz prepared by you was indeed very helpful and several practices helped me to sail smoothly on the final day and score 96 %.

    I am planning for PSM II , hence looking forward to your guidance on this.Can you please share a quiz for that.


  19. mlapshin (Post author)

    Hi Abhishek,

    I am glad I helped you!
    Unfortunately, I do not have a PSM II quiz. However, you can check Scrum Questions page with the hardest questions from all the Scrum learners. I tried to answer them all. I believe, it contains many questions and topics relevant to the real exam.


  20. DXXPublic

    I just took the exam recently and passed with 95%.

    Here is what i did.
    1. Read the Scrum Guide 2 times
    2. Did the Open Assessments from for SM, PO, Dev Team and Nexus. i did the SM and PO like 3 times each until i was getting maybe 1 wrong. I did the Dev Team and Nexus like 2 times each, i failed them (with 70-75) but i focused on learning the questions that were more general and that i most likely was gonna get on the PSM exam.
    3. Did Mikhail test in learning mode like 3 times. Last two times i got 95+ so i felt comfortable. I say keep doing this until you are getting at least 93+
    4. I did Mikhail test in test mode once, got like 97
    5. Spent some time checking the quizlets from Namejsis and gebdomeros ( which i found pretty nice and had several questions i found on the exam
    6. Passed with 95%

    This took me about 4 days

    Hope this helps

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