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Scrum helps a lot when your team consists of not more than 9 developers. But in the real life most of the projects involve more people. In this situation the standard Scrum cannot be applied and should be adopted to reduce issues appearing at the scale.

For example, if the developers are not in the same collocated team, how will they communicate when they are doing work that will affect each other?
If they work in different teams, how will they integrate their work and test the Integrated Increment? These challenges appear when two teams are integrating, and become significantly more difficult with three or more teams.

Nexus™ is the official Scrum extension that allows to use Scrum practices combining together up to 9 Scrum teams working at the same project. It pays more attention to dependencies and interoperation between Scrum teams, delivering one “Done” Integrated Increment at least every Sprint.

All assessments contain questions about Scrum scaling. So, it is necessary to understand the principles and the best practices described in the Nexus™Guide to successfully pass any assessment including PSM I, PSPO I, etc.

Recently even a special Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) assessment appeared at, but it is available only after completing a special course. Also I did not find any quizzes allowing to test knowledge of the Nexus™ framework and get prepared to the scaled Scrum part of the assessments.

So, I decided to create my own quiz based on the official guide. Its contains about 40 questions, 30 of them are randomly selected for each session. After answering a question, its explanation appears. It allows quickly learn all scaled Scrum practices and verify your knowledge.

Please, use the quiz for free. I hope, you will find it useful. If you think some questions could be improved, let me know. Just post a comment!

If you are looking for other hints about passing assessments, check my previous post. Also try my other Scrum quizzes.



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